About Deezul

Deezul Limited is the company name of freelance senior graphic designer John Hurley.

John has been a graphic designer for 20+ years and has worked all over the midlands, south east and London. He has worked on all sorts of campaigns from the largest BBC global campaigns right through to the smaller individual clients that have just required a new logo.
Working with many diverse teams over the years, the scope of work has ranged from packaging and branding projects through to 3d exhibition design and large format graphics and point of sale work and produced many brand, advertising and product brochures and collateral.
You will see from the many portfolio projects that John has worked on, that his ability to adapt and deliver on time and within budget as well as being a "safe pair of hands" and coupled with the breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience, makes him a considerable asset to any freelance resource.

If you need extra freelance resource contact him on his email: john@deezul.com or via his mobile: 07870 600348.