Get Rich or Die Trying…vs Happy?

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A very interesting article on human nature and how we always want more by Jeff Haden.


One day I’d like to meet someone who is actually rich.

Sometimes I think I’ve found one but it always turns out I’m wrong. No matter how rich I assumed the person to be… within a few minutes I find out just how “poor” that person really is.

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Star Wars 7 Fever

By | Sci Fi Film News

Its all building up now. Tickets bought, Stamps bought, lots of fan art around, gearing it up…Can’t wait. The omission of Luke on the official poster is puzzling though…



Terminator Genisys…What a mess!!!

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Where do I start, what a mess this film is. The only redeeming factor is Emilia Clarke (Game Of Thrones), even she can’t save what a mess this film is. Arnie is way too old to be doing this, I do like the explaination of why he does look so old, however the timeline is completely messed up they try desperately to cover this up with some arbitary techno babble half way through the film. John Connor gets turned into a T3000 and turns baddie which just does not work, and Kyle Reese remembers things from his childhood which he never had because the timeline changed – ridiculous. The effects are okay and action sequences as what we would expect from a Terminator film, but with the mess that it is, I’m only giving it a 5 out of 10. Could’ve been so much better – Shame!



Star Wars: Boba Fett Movie

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News of a spin off movie is in the works, for a Boba Fett Storyline with Josh Trank at the helm. I am hoping this will become true – after all Boba Fett is the Star Wars Fan’s favourite villian. Ever since Empire Strikes Back there has always been a bit of depth to this character, taking on jobs for big bounty, there is a multitude of storylines to cover before he gets called into the Empire’s call for Luke & Co…

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