Avengers: Age Of Ultron

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Okay, so it wasn’t as good as 2012’s Avengers – but it was still a very good MCU film introducing new characters and saying goodbye to a few familiar faces that had become standard heroes in the MCU. Ultron was a bit under used and could easily of escaped (via tinternet) and used for future use, I hope he has, so that we see more of the Ultron character. He was a bit too easily beaten in the end. The vision could of be used a lot more too.  I’ll still give it an 8/10 though.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

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Is it just me or does the Star Wars trailer look fantastic right up until Han Solo (Harrison Ford) speaks at the very last moment with the ever so cheesy look on his face saying “Chewie Were Home”.

Everything else looks amazing, the crashed star destroyer, the explosions, the new (what we will assume) villian – who looks like a super stormtrooper, the same great space battles and ships – Imperial Shuttles, X-Wings, TiE Fighters and the Falcon included (although for a bucket of bolts she has managed to survive as long as Han & Chewie…??? not even the Ark Royal lasted that long).

I am excited, but apprehensive about it living up to the hype and how cheesy it will get. Disney are just as bad as Lucas was at aiming it at the kids, all so that merchandise cross selling can be a behemoth selling machine _ that’s why Disney paid so much…

Check out the trailer: http://www.superherohype.com/news/337233-the-new-star-wars-the-force-awakens-trailer#/slide/1

2 Big Kills & Tons of Zombies

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The Walking Dead is back with a brilliant first episode – No Sanctuary, Rick & Co prove they’re mettle and get straight to it. Action all the way and Carole is back in the gang too. The ratings soared through the roof in America with 17.3m.

Rating 9/10



Follow that by two massive characters from Boardwalk Empire killed in the same episode, with Patricia Arquette’s character killed off in the 3rd episode goes to show, no one is safe and the killing is just a brutal as Game of Thrones…

Rating 8.5/10

Watch them now.

Guardians lands the big one…

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Not only am I very impressed with the look of Marvels new blockbuster, but it has a great soundtrack, some very funny moments and good character interaction as well as the usual blockbuster effects. I would go to say it is the new “Star Wars” for the next generation of sci-fi fans, as well as opening up the Marvel universe to many more storylines and characters. I loved it so much I went twice…

Rating 9/10

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Hmmm… I didn’t really get on that well with this film, it shatters all the SHIELD trust we had built up and I think did not provide enough action.

I loved the battle scene on the tanker and would of preferred a bit more of that style of action. As for Hydra overtaking and controlling within SHIELD and having the Nazi doctor Zola become an old style computer – Captain America can’t seem to get his foot out of the past and into the future, He evens goes to the Museum to get his old uniform.

Cap was great in Avengers a real part of the team, but this solo effort of a film seems disjointed, and promised so much, almost like a prequel to another film, setting up the scene for the next incarnation. I thought from the trailer that there would be a lot more cat and mouse between The Winter Soldier and Cap, and that the fighting would go on across continents and different scenarios, maybe even chase him all the way to Siberia or something.

I guess I just expected more from the film – Avengers has set the bar very high, my best Marvel buddy thought it was great, he loved the conspiracy element, but I was a little disappointed with it.

Rating 7/10

Broken Bells – After The Disco

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The Broken Bells new album After The Disco is a superb record with high disco qualities, high singing tones and melodic tunes that just beg to be sung. After a few listens you can’t help but sing along with the tunes, it’s a real feel good record with multi-layered sounds and an amazing range of vocal tones from lead singer James Mercer. I just wish I could sing that high, so does everyone else when we are all in the car… 🙂

Rating 10/10