Outer by Dusky

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My best album for 2016 has to be: Outer by Dusky.

As a full album, and general concept it is great, no album this year can beat the quality beats and bass with a really good mix of artist vocals from 80’s electric pioneer and guru Gary Numan to the haunting vocals of Solomon Grey to the full on rap of Wiley. My favourite track is Long Wait featuring Solomon Grey, it is so good, I bought all the remixes and the Solomon Grey 2016 album. Check them out.


Get Rich or Die Trying…vs Happy?

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A very interesting article on human nature and how we always want more by Jeff Haden.


One day I’d like to meet someone who is actually rich.

Sometimes I think I’ve found one but it always turns out I’m wrong. No matter how rich I assumed the person to be… within a few minutes I find out just how “poor” that person really is.

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Broken Bells – After The Disco

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The Broken Bells new album After The Disco is a superb record with high disco qualities, high singing tones and melodic tunes that just beg to be sung. After a few listens you can’t help but sing along with the tunes, it’s a real feel good record with multi-layered sounds and an amazing range of vocal tones from lead singer James Mercer. I just wish I could sing that high, so does everyone else when we are all in the car… 🙂

Rating 10/10