Resurgence makes an ass of itself.

Independence Day: Resurgence ends up being a parody of the original, the effects are great and there are some good action sequences in this film, but it is badly let down by the hammy acting, too many coincidence situations and the rather drawn out same actors with the here we go again scenario.

If we had a completely new set of actors and a new director on this film it would of been so much better. Roland Emmerich has had his day (in the nineties) and his style of big action disaster movie just does not work in today’s very savvy tech world. The characters within all manage to survive yet again, With David’s father been the most ridiculous scenario. There also seems to be some dodgy editing and again the rousing over the top american speeches with the over the top self sacrifice from the original president (Bill Pullman) who as the film goes on starts as a broken man, then drops his walking cane and miraculously walks perfect and then finds a flight suit that fits him and has a shave to go and have a face off with the alien queen.

As for Liam Hemsworth – he is all over the place, on the moon saving the base, in Africa rescuing Jeff Goldblum’s character David, in the alien ship – swimming in the alien’s “cornfields”, stealing ships and pissing on the alien flight deck and then in the desert shooting at the queen in the final sequences, OFMG How much can one man do!!! Plus an amazing amount of naff one liners and the craziness of Brent Spiner. It all goes to make a hotch potch of random ideas added to the original formula and a pay check for a lot of these now defunct actors.

You have to take this film not too seriously and consider it as: ridiculous fun with over-the-top action sequences and scenarios, and then you’ll love it.

4 out of 10.