The Walking Dead – Season 7 kicks off with some mighty blows…

By 25/10/2016Sci Fi Film News

Wow. After watching the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, there was definitely some shocks in that episode. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan great casting and totally up to the task, you gotta love a madman just like Jack Nicholson in the 1989 Batman, the role was almost born for him. The big shock though is him killing one and offing another midway through, and then getting Rick to crumble especially in front of his friends.

The wife was not happy at all with this episode and now doesn’t want to continue, I am sure she will, but it has divided a lot of people about the show, killing off such a big character…  only time will tell whether or not Season 7 goes on to be better than previous seasons or loses a good portion of it’s fan base.